Hey, Hiii! You’re engaged!

..now let's get to planning!

One question I have received as a photographer is "Really, how important is it to get our engagement photos done?"

Friends, I am here to tell you it is SO important!

Here’s FOUR reasons why you NEED engagement photos!

ONE! This is your first celebration of eternal love! Why the heck wouldn’t you want to capture that?! Taking pictures with your person, getting dolled up, having a blast, why not?! They may not seem important in the moment but later down the road you’ll want to look back on those days and remember EVERYTHING!

TWO! The photos will be an amazing way to show off your love! Picking what images to put on the invites will be a fun way to connect with each other! Plus you won't have to go through all your selfies to choose old images of you guys together...talk about boring!

THREE! Not only will your engagement pictures be good for your invites, they would also look amazing AT the wedding! Posters, albums, prints, for everyone to enjoy while they attend your event! Having images from your session will show your family and friends how candid your love for each other really is!

FOUR! You will get to meet your photographer before your actual wedding day. This will help them get to know you and help you feel more comfortable around them. Having poses picked out ahead of time and making sure you are relaxed in front of the lens will make your day seem a little less stressful. It is YOUR day amiright?!