Write your vows!

With the ever changing wedding traditions one to think about is writing your own vows... and it is one I'M HERE FOR! With the downsizing of weddings in 2020, what could be more personal than spilling your undying love for your honey. I think the hardest part about this is not knowing WHAT to say, when really you probably know all the right things to say about your partner.

Just be yourself, keep the vows personal and true to you. If you are an emotional person, let.those.emotions.flow! If you are a jokester, make everyone laugh! Do you keep your heart on your sleeve? Maybe try carrying a notebook with you and make notes of all the little things your love does for you on the daily, all the simple gestures that make you really love them for who they are. Need inspiration? Read some romance novels or look around on


Start with the qualities you love about them.

What you are promising to them.

Then wrap it up with something sweet.

It might be intimidating but I promise you it is something you will not regret!

Keep it short

No cliché mushy stuff

Don't overthink

and most importantly PRACTICE!