Tips for your next photoshoot!

Styling your outfits for photos can be stressful! Check out a few tips to help you plan the perfect wardrobe!

  • Don't match. Coordinate!
  • Choose neutral colors, steer away from too much white.
  • Use some of your go to clothing pieces
  • Be comfortable, this goes with your go to clothing. Just be comfy and yourself!
  • Keep it simple
  • Minimize patterns, consider textures instead
  • Coordinate the patterns and colors. If someone in the group has patterns, go with solid colors from them for others
  • Use Pinterest!
  • Ask your photog! They will help you match with your chosen location and style!

Here's a couple photos from my own family sesh!

Last winter I obsessed over this blush sweater, so that was my first choice out of all our outfits. I then went with my go tos.. black and boots. Once I had myself dressed I moved to the kids. My dude got some neutrals, olive pants and a light grey shirt. His black shoes matched my pants, as well as sister's skirt! Sister's shirt was a cream textured flowy style and her boots went with my sweater.. Baby had a headband to match big Sissy's boots and her romper was a few shades darker than Mama's shirt but still a neutral color!

Image by Sophie Rae Photo

You can also switch it up a little, bring some accessories!

Brother of course wears a hat 24/7 so he brought that, it got a little chilly so we brought Baby a grey beanie to match brothers grey shirt, and Sister brought her grey scarf to tie all three of them together..

and of course DONUTS always make a session fun!

Image by Sophie Rae Photo